Computer Scientist, Stream Processing Advocate.



My name is Jamie, I am a Computer Scientist originally from the United Kingdom, now living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I specialise in designing and building large scale stream processing systems, although I am also interested in procedural generation, artificial intelligence and game development.

I have experience in developing with a wide array of languages including C++, Java, SPL, PHP, HTML, Javascript and x86 assembly

I received my Computer Science BSc from Cardiff University, in July 2009.

After that I spent 3 years architecting high speed stream processing systems in the UK before relocating out to Vancouver, where I do much the same.

Contacting Me

You can email me at, or tweet me @JamieLewis

Further details can also be found on my LinkedIn Profile Page or on my StackOverflow Careers Page or pop by another profile

You can also catch me over at Github and occasionally over on Stackoverflow

I've reproduced a list of recent posts here for your reading pleasure:


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